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Product Attributes:

  • Very soft and cone-shaped fibers of this toothbrush, simultaneously has the cleaning effect of the toothbrush and dental floss, penetrates deeply between the teeth and the gingival groove ,without damaging them, cleans the mouth of bacterial plaque
  • Ergonomic arched and non-slip handle is designed to protect the tooth from extra pressure while brushing and helps better control of the toothbrush in hand.

About Product:

Tooth surfaces complete cleaning in between teeth and gum line isn’t easy with ordinary toothbrush. Pro interdental toothbrushes with soft conical bristles professionally clean surfaces and between teeth. They eliminate interdental plaque and effectively clean interdental places.
HiDent interdental soft toothbrushes completely clean teeth and prevent enamel hurt and gums disease. Their conical bristles get deep in between teeth and gum line. They effectively remove dental plaque. Ergonomic handle helps better control.

Age Guide:

Interdental Supertip toothbrush with cap is suitable for adults.

Additional information

Weight 18 g


Age group


Color scheme

Carbon blue, Green, Magenta, Yellow

Fibers Type


Brush Types


Protective cap



Polypropylene, Polyamide nylon, Special wire, Thermoplastic

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